Election Information 2020

2020 Lincoln County Voting Guide Be an informed voter. Read your voters pamphlet. Visit candidate and issue websites. Consider
the recommendations below. And VOTE! The coming Lincoln County General Election Ballot is loaded with important Candidates and
Measures that will set the tone for years to come. We have prepared this recommended list of local candidates and issues for your consideration.

*The endorsements are those of an invited group of local area residents and businesspersons and DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinion of the owners and/or staff of KSHL, The Wave 93.7 or PNWE.com.

State Senator, 5 th District
Dick Anderson – Longtime Lincoln City Mayor and more, Dick will serve our interests well.

State representative, 10 th District
David Gomberg – Incumbent State Representative Gomberg, is an Otis resident and a tried, true
hard worker for Lincoln County.

Judge of Circuit Court, Lincoln County, District 17, Position 2
Marcia Buckley – Judge Buckley’s 27 years of legal experience and many years of community service far outshine her opposition, it’s not even close. 

Lincoln County Commissioner, Position 2 Joe Hitselberger – Joe brings a double hit of needed expertise – business owner, plus
environmental science experience as a habitat biologist. Win-win.

City of Depoe Bay Mayor
Kathy Short – A retired bookkeeper is just what Depoe Bay needs right now.

City of Newport Mayor
Dean Sawyer – Arguably the best mayor that Newport has had in recent memory.

City of Waldport Mayor
Greg L. Holland – Tough call here. Both candidates offer great ideas. But the nod goes to Holland, who seems to have a better gasp of the limited city resources available.

Measure 107 Political Campaign Expenditures Reform
No – The current campaign laws are sufficient.

Measure 108 Increase Cigarette/Cigar Taxes No – The increase on cigarettes, while well meaning, will put an undue hardship on low-income people. Tax the vape without the increase to cigarettes.

Measure 109 Allows manufacture, delivery, administration of psilocybin (psychoactive mushroom) No – Seriously?! Let the FDA do this research.

Measure 110 Provides statewide addiction/recovery services; marijuana taxes partially
finance; reclassifies possession/penalties for specified drugs No – While we think using marijuana taxes to partially finance addiction/recovery services is a
great idea, reclassification of drug offenses in this measure are not a good idea.

Measure 21-198 Renewal of local option tax for Central Oregon Coast Fire Yes – Money well spent.

This page is designed to provide voters with information on candidates and measures. It does not reflect the opinions of the owner or staff of PNWNE 

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